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G2LB (Hydro-Pneumatic)

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Power Supply: Hydraulic Oil & Air
Air Pressure: 75 - 100 psi
Free Air Volume Required: .07ft3 @ 80 psi
Weight: 2.97 lb. without nose equipement
Standard Nose Equipment: Lockbolt nose equipment to be specified at time of order.
Stroke: 0.51"
Pull Force: 2803 lbf. @ 80 psi
Cycle Time: approximately 1 second
Noise Level: 75 dB(A)
Vibration: Less than 8.2 ft/s2

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G2LB is a hydro-pneumatic tool designed to place Avdel® lockbolt fasteners at high speed making it ideal for batch or flow-line assembly in a wide variety of applications throughout all industries.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight design reduces operator fatigue
  • Reduced setting time and high speed placement increases productivity
  • Integral cycle counter helps establish accurate service intervals
  • Toughened plastic body and heavy duty rubber base resists cracking when accidentally dropped
  • Can be suspended

Fastener Range

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Part numbers represent standard tool setups. Contact Avdel® for options.
Fastener Size Material Base Tool
(No Nose Equipment)
Nose Assembly Nose Tip Complete Tool
(Includes Nose Equipment)
Avdelok® 3/16 All 71255-02000 71230-05010 --- 71255-00391
1/4 All 71255-02000 71230-05020 --- 71255-00392
Avtainer® 3/8 All 71255-02000 71230-15600 07498-00802 ---
Maxlok® 3/16 All 71255-02000 07610-02000 --- 71255-00371


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